Straight from the latest issue of Dogue is the hottest quiz in the park. Is your pup is a boho-babe or a modern-mogul?

1. At doggy day care, your pup is: 
A) The life of the party!​ The babes love me!

B) A gentle wall flower. I'll sniff your butt when I'm ready.

2. Which best describes your pup's fashion sense:

A) I strut my tail in whatever I want. I don't care what dog's are barkin about. 

B) My human says i'm picky. Yeah right. It's not my fault I have style, mahm! 

3. What would your pup trade their treato stash to stay in? 

A) Bungalow in the jungle of Bali. Kong-co nuts included. 

​B) AirBnB in the heart of Paris. Pillow bones included. 

4. How does your pup greet you at the end of a long day?

A) I am the very definition of a people-pleaser.

​B) The people greet me, don't get things confused. 

5. Where does your pup keep their toys?

A) Everywhere. The world is my toybox. Also sometimes in my actual toybox.

B) I get out one toy. I play until it is tired. Then I let it rest in my basket.

6. What is your relationship with your pup?​​

A) My ride or die. We're attached at the hip. Our hips are one.

B) Sensational. A little obsessed with me, maybe. But the best.

7. What is your dog's favorite color?

A) I like my colors like I like my Nylabones: bright.

B) I dig (get it??) colors that don't bark in your face, ya feel?

8. At the dog park, your pup:​​

A) Is usually wearing mitch-match pieces but I look CUTE.

B) Has a matching collar, leash, and bandana. & poop bag holder. Always, hunny.

9. Your pup prefers:

A) A squeaky toy- the louder, the better! I want the world to hear me!

B) A bone to chew on. Leave me to gnaw, and I'll be the goodest dog in the world.

10. Your pup would rather:​​

A) Buy matching bandana & scrunchies so we can twinnn!

B) Buy all the bandanas. For me. The more for me, the merrier. 

mostly a's: bohemian babe

A bohemian babe. Your pup's style is unconventional, artistic, and pawsitively beautiful. They run with the colors of the wind and to the beat of their heart. Their playful personality matches their wardrobe to a "T"; bright colors speak (I mean, bark) to them. If it has an emphasis on natural fabrics and earth tones- well you should just call it theirs. Whether they're playing an intense game of fetch, or begging for another cuddle, you know one thing is certain: "Do you wanna go for a walk?" The answer is YES! Your floof is up for any adventure. But above all else, the boho babe is: a wild child; a flower child; a child of the moon. Adorn their neck to their hearts content, and you'll surely be mahm of the year.

mostly b's: modern mogul

A modern mogul. Your pup's style bleeds sophistication. They choose a timeless look to match their timeless personality. As a professional, they can switch from soaking in the sun, to melting hearts with their puppy-dog eyes at a moments notice; easy peasy. Relaxed prints are kind of their thang. Neutrals and solids? Yes please. Some say they lack a style; quite the contrary. They are style. Their souls are adorned in abstract art, and they don't mind if their bandanas are too. Need a pal who won't judge your retail-therapy habits? Where do they sign up?? But above all else, the modern mogul is: a walking work of art who knows what they want. Give it to em, and you'll surely be mahm of the year. 

Get that good good.

©2019, Boho + Bark

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