The Story of Willow

Updated: Feb 21

The story of Willow- that's one of my favorites!

I'd like to begin by saying that Willow is without a doubt, one of the best things that has ever happened to me in my twenty-two years of life. I knew I would love her, and I knew I would probably love her more than most owners due to my sappy, clingy, hopeless-romantic nature- but even *I* didn't know I would adore her this much.

My biggest blessing.

Willow is a nine-month, 32-pound Goldendoodle. She was born on May 27, 2019, has a beautiful goldendood mama and an equally as handsome poodle papa.

I rushed into the idea of a dog like every other decision I've ever made. Me and Isaac were visiting family for the fourth of July, and the house we went to had 5 dogs. 5. It was crazy-town, and I loved it. I'm not sure what it was about those 5 dogs exactly, but for the first time in my life, I wanted a dog. Like, really wanted a dog. Like right now.

On the way home I told Isaac that my mind was made up, and that I was going to get my dream dog (a goldendoodle obviiiii). He was confused, probably because he didn't even know a dog was on my radar!

But once my mind is set, it's a done deal. No changing it. When I got home that night, I began to look at local breeders. It took me seventy-two hours to find my sweet Willow- I know that some of you are gasping now. "Three days?! You didn't research your breeder for months?! You weren't on a waitlist for two years?!" No... Actually, I found her on Facebook. In a group called "Goldendoodles of Ohio", where someone was selling a littler of goldendoodles for $200 each...

Now you're all gasping. I know, it sounds terribly sketchy. But it's the truth. I drove across the state of Ohio that weekend to pick one out, cash in hand. I met the mom and the dad, both of which were their family dogs. I played with the puppies in their beautiful home. I sat with the woman and spoke to her for an hour while I played with the pups on the floor.

She explained that her goldendoodle had accidentally, well, gotten pregnant by their poodle at seven months- oops- and they just were asking for enough to cover the vet/vaccine bills. The mom has since been fixed; the family ending up keeping one of Willow's sisters, and the two were spayed on the same day.

I played with the whole family and fell in love with every single one of them. However, there was one puppy in particular who hung around me the most. While all of the puppies were wrestling, one sat in front of me, staring. Tilting her little head. I knew she was my Willow. (Yes, she had been pre named).

The rest is history.

That's the story of my Willow Bear. My Snicker Doodle. My Raggamuffin. My heart and soul. Isaac joke's that she's my bargain pup, because I'm notoriously known for being frugal. (Okay, I'll say it- cheap. I'm a cheap a**). So to find my dream dog for $200- well it was planned by the man upstairs himself.


Get that good good.

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