DIY Flower Crown

Updated: Feb 21

I don't know about you, but I'm obsessed with all things spring. With it just around the corner, we figure it's the pawfect time to prepare your killer Insta game, once the sun decides to start shining once again.

Of course, you'll want your doggo to be fashionable for the upcoming season. Why not put your crafting skills to good use by making a flower crown for fido? You can even make one for yourself because, let’s be honest, we all secretly want to match our furry friends. This craft involves tons of creative freedom. Choose flowers that best reflect you and your pup’s personality! Daisies for doodles. Calla lilies for corgis. Tulips for terriers. Have fun with it, and get ready to rock the spring season! Plus, how cute would a flower crown look with a Boho + Bark bandana?!


  1. Fabric flowers and leaves

  2. Floral tape (green)

  3. Floral wire (green)

  4. Wire cutters


  1. Measure your pup’s head. Take your floral wire and unwind it until it equals the previous measurement. Add two inches to the length, and cut the wire.

  2. Create a circle with your wire by wrapping the two ends around each other.

  3. Using your floral tape, connect the two ends of write to seal the crown. Make sure there is no wire sticking out!

  4. Now for the fun: begin by placing green fabric leaves every inch or so around the crown. Keep them in place by wrapping the stems of the leaves around the wire with tape.

  5. Add your favorite flowers throughout the wire circle, and watch your creation come to life! Trim the stems as needed. Don’t forget to tape the flower stems with your floral tape.

Start swooning over your crafty work! You are officially mom-ager of the year. Congrats! Pair your gorgeous crown with a Boho +Bark bandana that will be the envy of the dog park!

By: Elisabeth W.


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